Via Muzio Clementi 18, near Piazza Cavour



Shuttle bus
Stop direction Via Crescenzio/Vaticano side Piazza Cavour, cost 6 euro or 11 euro roundtrip per person, for info, reservations and tickets: or (1h and 15 min to get to the hotel)

Max 4 persons with baggage costs 40 € (55 min to get to the B & B)

Shuttle Bus
Station Termini (Via Marsala, 5) 4 euro cost per route per person see and then follow instructions from Termini Station. (About 55 min)

Max 4 people with luggage cost 30 Euros (about 55 min to get to the B & B)

N° 70 (1.50 euro) from Piazza dei Cinquecento, in front of the station. 12 stops and get off at Via Vittoria Colonna. (25/30 min)

Line A direction Battistini (ticket 1,50 €), get off at Lepanto Vatican, continue on Via Marcantonio Colonna to Piazza Cavour, cross it, keeping to the left and take Via Vittoria Colonna. We are on the second street on the left at number 18 (about 30 min)

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